Documents and Publications

Food System Illustrations

Illustrations done by Penny Krebiehl at the Food and Farming Network Summit of 2014, drawn live while conversations were evolving. After outlining concepts like the dynamics of a food hub and the definition of local food, participants were asked to put sticky notes on the aspects of the food system they are involved in.


October 2015 FFN Member Survey Results

Total responses to the member survey was 228 with the majority (more than 100) from consumers, 29 from farmers, and the remainder from others in the food system. Overall, members find the 20% by 2020 goals to be relevant. In addition, it appears the network may want to add a focus on wellness and education.

Click here to view presentation.

Food and Farming Network 2015 Report to the Community

The Food and Farming Network published its first Report to the Community and debuted it during the annual Network Summit on March 13, 2015.  It features 53 stories from 45 authors representing most of northwest Lower Michigan.  The stories are organized according to our Network goals, so you can easily see the depth of work being done in any given area of interest.  From a baker making a “local loaf” with grain from a farm just few miles away, to a the group of land conservancies working together to make farmland affordable to access for young farmers; you’ll want to read the entire thing.

You can view the whole report and download a pdf version on our magazine hosting site, just click the image below. Or go to

FFN Report Online

Food Security in the Michigan Counties of Benzie, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, and Leelanau

A Study by Benzie Sunrise Rotary Club Food Security Report

Authored by Kris Thomas

This masterful report delves into the challenging area of food security and food access. It examines the region’s ability and wherewithal to serve the counties in question with available food resources. At times both refreshing and sobering, the report is an important tool for northwest Michigan to begin attending to a long misunderstood community issue.

The report was authored by community volunteer, and Benzie Sunrise Rotary member, Kris Thomas as a project of the Rotary club. Click the image above to view and download a PDF of the report, or go to the club’s site,

Food Hubs: Solving Local

A Report from The Wallace Center

Authored by Bob Heuer and Patty Cantrell

Food Hub Solving Local

This well researched report from authors Bob Heuer and Patty Cantrell (TLD’s Founder), funded by the Wallace Center, is rich with insight about the future of food hubs in America. It details the important role food hubs should take in getting more local food to market.

“Getting local food into grocery and food service supply chains will require people who can navigate the tricky territory between smaller producers and larger buyers. The Wallace Center is pleased to present this report to food industry executives on the growth and readiness of that needed intermediary, the regional food hub.” – John Fisk, Director  The Wallace Center at Winrock International

To view the report online or to download it, click the image or visit the site of the National Good Food Network, NGFN:

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